Care Coordination Benefits:

When all the components of your healthcare network work together to offer treatment options based on evidence based medicine as well as openly communicate and coordinate their care, everyone wins.  HPPPN’s care management program is focused on increasing communication and care coordination through provider collaboration, member engagement and health plan partnership.

  • Provider Collaboration – by sharing information and providing actionable insight across all our physician members, HPPPN will be better able to coordinate care and decrease cost with improved quality and outcomes for our patients.
  • Member Engagement –HPPPN will actively engage with our attributed patients and families by connecting them to wellness programs and educational resources. HPPPN will also proactively manage certain high-risk patients with active case management and enrollment in appropriate disease management programs.
  • Health Plan Partnership – HPPPN will coordinate with our partner health plans on efficient transition of care and leveraging their existing educational and wellness programs for member engagement.