Our Approach

Clinical Care Management Advantage:

HPPPN’s Clinical Care Management Model is designed to provide cross-continuum care coordination through provider collaboration, member engagement and health plan partnership.

  • pyramidProvider collaboration – By sharing information and providing actionable insight across the care continuum, HPPPN will be better able to coordinate care with improved quality and outcomes and decrease cost for our patients.
  • Member engagement – HPPPN will actively engage our attributed patients and families by connecting them to wellness programs and educational resources. HPPPN will also proactively manage high-risk patients with active case management and enrollment in appropriate disease management programs.
  • Health plan partnership – HPPPN will coordinate with partner health plans on efficient transition of care and leveraging plans’ existing educational and wellness programs for patient and family engagement.

Quality Physicians:

HPPPN connects some of El Paso’s leading physicians along with The Hospitals of Providence into an integrated network focused on provider communication, devising quality programs, and working toward high quality care from the medical home to the ER, ICU, OR and beyond.  HPPPN helps our physicians, patients and hospital partner achieve improvements that can only be achieved by working in partnership.  We have designed a quality program focused on improvements specific to our patient population and relevant to our physicians’ practice life.  

Hospital Partner:

HPPPN’s hospital partner is The Hospitals of Providence (THOP) who has been taking care of El Paso since the first Providence Hospital opened in 1902.   At The Hospitals of Providence, we consider ourselves part of the fabric of the city. We are 4,000 employees strong partnering with 900+ physicians to move health forward for the entire community. From East, West and Central El Paso to Southern New Mexico and West Texas, we’ve got the healthcare needs of the entire region well covered. Our area hospitals are regional destinations for high-quality care, with offerings that include world-class surgery, heart care, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics and women’s health, just to name a few.  Learn more about The Hospitals of Providence.